The effects of COVID-19 on gender-based violence (GBV)
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The effects of COVID-19 on gender-based violence (GBV)

Educate People of ways to reduce Gender-based Violence.

Crisis such as the current Covid-19 pandemic can increase the risk of women and girls to experience gender-based violence. Why many disease outbreaks increase the risk of GBV when people are confined indoors sometimes with a large, family privacy is limited and stress may increase. Women at risk may find it difficult to escape from a dangerous situation due to movement restrictions, some people may be unable to work or even lose their jobs.

Failure to provide for the family may lead to tension and conflict, resulting in acts of violence.  Women are less likely than men to have power in decision-making.  For example when and where to seek health services. This may put their general needs and health at risk people cope differently with tensions and conflict in the household; some may adopt unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol or drug consumption. This may increase acts of violence in the home. Home is not a safe space for everybody, GBVdoes not only affect individuals and families but also communities and the society as a whole everyone can take action.

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What can different organizations do? During a crisis, governments need to ensure that police, health and social services are part of the essential services for survivors of GBV. Also shelter services should be expanded.  All departments should follow a gender responsive approach civil society organizations should increase awareness on services available and find innovative ways of providing support to survivors of GBV.

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Media organizations can report on the gendered impacts of COVID-19, emphasizing that the outbreak affects men and women differently.  In addition, they can ensure that the voices of women and girls are heard.  Private sector companies can support government and civil society organizations on providing GBV services and information at during confinement and lockdown.

Development partners can redirect resources to include GBV prevention and response in all programs. Everyone particularly neighbors family members and friends can do something keep your eyes and ears open, report on behalf of survivors of GBV or if it is safe for you offer your support.  Seeking services can reduce the consequences of violence on the well-being, health and safety of women and children.

What can I do if I am at risk of experiencing GBV or if I have already experienced it? Even in exceptional situations, health and police services remain open if you or other family members feel at risk of experiencing violence or if you have already experienced it. Seek support, new information about GBV and services for survivors of GBV may surge. This can be on radio shows, official toll-free, helpline x’ smartphone apps or TV announcements.

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If I want to get more information where can I find it? you can call a national helpline or the police, many numbers are toll-free.

You can also use our contact page to get help.

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